Technology, Media & Telecommunication


New technology is disrupting traditional business models and transforming our world. We are Staying abreast of these new developments, helping our clients to make accurate decisions to stay ahead in this critical field.

We are doing our best to make our teamwork up to date with recent trends legislations and regulations governing (TMT) sector, that assist organizations to make informed decisions and drive improvements, our technical background and legal experts will guide our clients to navigate legal challenges in technology industry. We are realized that such advancements empower individuals and organizations to achieve new levels of productivity, creativity, and innovation.

WBL have skilled legal counsel working to negotiate, draft and review the clients' contracts and/or agreements related to all types of technology of complex transactions and deals such as Non-standard technology agreements for IT infrastructure, cloud services, software licensing agreements, E-Commerce legal management, SaaS licensing agreements, and software development agreements.

We assist clients in dealing with regulators and the administrative authorities, our goal is achieving the specific needs of our client such as licenses, authorizations, and the necessary approvals these sectors mentioned herein.