About Us

Message of the chairman

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
The legal profession has a noble and essential role stretching back through the ages in establishing justice and rights for individuals and society as a whole. It is the voice of truth and the basis of all nations. It is also thanks to legal frameworks that businesses and investments can be established and operate successfully. These frameworks form the basis for any institutional work and West Bay International is ready with its team of lawyers and investment specialists to provide unique and cutting-edge services to respond to your needs wherever you are located. We appreciate the size of the responsibility placed in us by our clients and always act with honestly and transparently with our clients and all stakeholders, relying on hard work and effort to achieve the best possible results. Our vision and values distinguish us from the crowd locally and internationally since we pledge to Allah and ourselves to provide complete and thorough legal services via our specialist team comprised of the best legal practitioners selected for their results, knowledge, expertise and professionalism who represent a range of legal traditions and cultures. We pride ourselves on our effectiveness, our responsiveness and flexibility to help you find the legal solutions best adapted for your needs.


President and founder
former Director of State Cases Department.


As a Qatari law firm with regional and international vision, it provides the most prestigious legal services that meet our clients’ needs. We are focused on changing the landscape for the legal profession. We offer clients the freedom to choose how they engage our firm while providing diverse and innovative legal solutions with challenging work for sophisticated clients without sacrificing flexibility or control.

Our lawyers have benefited from good training and wide experience in multiple jurisdictions. Our team represents different legal cultures, speaking multiple languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in addition to Arabic. They are self-motivated, equipped with legal technology skills, offer practical business advice, and are comfortable working remotely and on-site when needed.

At West Bay Law Firm, we live our core values, and we thrive on solving complex problems. We’re dedicated to continually improving our product and providing relentless customer service. We are always looking for exceptional talent to join us on the journey.

What lawyers do

Legal Services
Carry out due diligence – an investigation exercise to verify the accuracy of information passed from the borrower to the lender or from the company raising finance to all parties investing in the deal. This can involve on-site meetings with the company’s management, so lawyers can verify the company’s credit profile.
Great Results
Negotiate with the opposite party to agree the terms of the deal and record them accurately in the facility documentation. Lenders’ lawyers usually produce initial documents (often a standard form) and borrowers’ lawyers try to negotiate more favourable terms for their clients. Lawyers on both sides must know when to compromise and when to hold out.
Passionate People
Gather all parties to complete the transaction, ensuring all agreed terms are reflected in the loan and that all documents have been properly signed and witnessed. Just as in corporate deals, many decisions need to be made at properly convened board meetings and recorded in written resolutions.

Why Choose Us

We are always ready to work side by side with our clients and stakeholders.
Our success comes from our talent, skills and always being up to date in the latest legal knowledge.
We know how important it is to truly understand our clients' needs and how they operate. We look forward to working with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our clients in defending their interests, protecting legal rights by providing realistic , unique legal services.
We are working side – by- side our client to find tangible and innovative legal solutions to mitigate our clients’ risks, expand their business.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide potential clients with a comprehensive overview of how the firm can address their legal needs and deliver effective solutions, we can deal with the complexity of the case, providing accurate legal services, while keeping a keen eye on the client's commercial interests.
WBI Attorneys & Counsellors at Law are masters of negotiation, our professionals know how to settle clients' lawsuits out of court with opponents. We achieve the clients' goals and objectives in both the long-term and the short-term,

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to achieve above and beyond the rights of the client. We are working alongside our clients, tailor their legal services to navigate challenges in legal landscape, the range of cases they handle, and the benefits clients can expect from working with them.
Our action plans provide an insight into the step-by-step approach that we are adopting to handle each type of legal service effectively. The specifics may vary based on the complexity of the case and the unique circumstances of each client.

Our Vision

Our vision is provide multi-national support and strategic and practical advice to provide solutions. WBI main goal is to assist and provide its clients with the best legal services on corporate matters. and commercial practices. We have sufficient understanding of the needs of cross-border trade, domestic, foreign, and international businesses, joint venture projects and multinational enterprises whether in MENA region or beyond.