Construction & real estate


Construction is a giant sector that is rapidly growing internationally, intersecting with various industries. Our construction and real estate team would be delighted to help you make your next investment and position you well to benefit from this growth area.

The real estate market is influenced by factors like location, demand, and economic trends, while construction involves complex engineering and architectural processes to bring designs to life. Both sectors play integral roles in shaping the built environment and meeting the infrastructure needs of our clients.

Our construction attorneys offer comprehensive legal services for property transactions, whether you're buying, selling, leasing, or refinancing, our expertise ensures a smooth process. We handle property disputes, title searches, contract negotiations, and closings, providing guidance from start to finish.

Our counsellors at law work together with our clients and stakeholders during construction and engineering projects. At WBL we have deep knowledge, and offer comprehensive legal services for clients, whether they are developers, lenders, investors, contractors, landlords, or tenants.