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Ammar Awad El-Kareem


Mr. Ammar Awad has extensive legal experience exceeding twenty-five years in many professional specializations (civil, criminal, administrative, family and corporate).
Mr. Ammar completed his university studies at Cairo University, Khartoum branch, then Nilein University in Sudan.
Mr. Ammar has a long professional record full of achievements at the legal level. He has held many judicial positions, where he served as head of a criminal circular at appeal court in Sudan. He also worked as an inspector in the Judicial Inspection and Judicial Oversight Department.
He also worked for several years in the legal profession at major law firms in the Middle East, during which he achieved many successes in litigation.
Mr. Ammar has strong communication abilities and special capabilities in dealing with complex and sensitive cases effectively - especially criminal cases - and is always keen to continue working in the field of law efficiently and professionally.
Mr. Ammar is proficient in negotiation and sound legal analysis of the facts. He has received specialized training courses in criminal work and family issues, both aspects (family and inheritance).